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Grizzly and his wife Connie at the launch of Grizzly Brown Ale at Great Black Swamp Brewing Company


15 Things You Need to Know About Grizzly

1. My wife calls me her LEAN, MEAN, UNCLEAN, SEXY MACHINE!

2. I was born, raised, and still live in the south end of Toledo!!

3. I love to go over the edge and beyond limits!

4. I am not normal…being normal sucks! I am ill-mannered, uncouth, and a beast. I am proud to be disgusting.

5. I have a horrifying body stench because I believe in being green. To conserve water I only bathe once every 4 months and that’s when I change my underwear as well!

6. Mean people and bullies suck. I have never been bullied, but I have laid the smackdown on a few bullies over the years. I didn’t like it…be nice! If you are mean or a bully…you can change and be cool..or somebody one day will probably whip your ass!!

7. Something that pisses me off a lot is drivers that do not pull over for sirens and lights. Even if you have your stereo cranked up, if you can’t see the lights on an emergency vehicle…start hitchhiking or take a bus!

8. Discourteous driver enrage me! I am not the best driver, but those that speed through active school zones, tailgate, cut in front of people and so on, really make me mad. I love doing the traffic reports! I’m gonna get you!!

9. I love spending time with family and friends…but I love spending time alone as well, like tuning in 94.5 on the car’s juke box and going for a ride. To me, solitude is good at times. It soothes the soul!

10. My favorite time of the year is when my lilac bush blossoms, and the aroma whisks in to my open windows. Lilac and Lavender are my favorite scents. They calm me down and make me human for a few minutes!

11. I deny humanity and spit in the face of civility!

12. I coached Colt baseball (14-15 year olds) for the South Toledo-Walbridge Ravens for 20 years in the Lucas County Recreation league, with a team that went 28-0 in 1991, winning the championship, and before losing in the post-season tournament. I had dedicated players that were phenomenal that season!

13. I have been a Cleveland Browns fan all my life.. “Fear the Dawg”…and I also been a Detroit Tigers fan all my life!

14. I attended Newbury Elementary, Jones Junior High, Maccomber High, and have an associates degree in Applied Science, majoring in Fire Science Technology at Owens College.

15. My listeners, The Grizzly Nation, and myself, are about to enter our 18th year in radio. I have been lucky to have a corp of dedicated listeners! Afterall, I am a listener as well… I just happen to have the microphone! I love you all!! I have made tons of new friends over the past 17 years…and looking forward to tons more as we move along!!!





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