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Democrats amplify calls to subpoena Mueller

Patience is wearing thin over Robert Mueller’s testimony as Democratic members are ratcheting up their calls to subpoena the special counsel. Rank-and-file members on the House Judiciary Committee are increasingly saying that it’s time to compel Mueller to testify publicly before their committee, even if he prefers not to appear in such a setting. “It…MORE

TSA says biometric identification won’t be mandatory

The Transportation Security Administration said Thursday that it has no plans to make biometric identity-verification mandatory, although the agency continues to study and pilot different technologies to make passenger screening more efficient. Acting Deputy Administrator Patricia Cogswell said the agency is aware of the security risks of using and storing personal and biometric information such…MORE

Congressional leaders to go to White House for Iran briefing in Situation Room

The White House invited the top congressional leadership to the White House for a briefing on Iran Thursday afternoon, which the President is expected to attend, according to a source familiar with the plans. A senior aide told CNN that the briefing will be in the Situation Room. Top congressional leaders, including House Speaker Nancy…MORE

Senate votes to block Trump-backed Saudi arms sales

A bipartisan group of lawmakers voted Thursday to halt the Trump administration’s push to circumvent Congress and expedite $8.1 billion in arms sales to Gulf countries by declaring an emergency. Trump is expected to veto the package of resolutions of disapproval and Thursday’s votes were far short of the two-thirds of the chamber needed to…MORE

Border Patrol chief says description of immigration facilities as ‘concentration camps’ is ‘offensive’

Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost said she found remarks comparing facilities along the southern border to concentration camps “offensive,” during a House Homeland Security subcommittee hearing Thursday. “I’m extremely offended by those comments,” Provost said in response to questioning from Republican Rep. Michael Guest who referenced Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks this week saying the…MORE

Populist policy plans are catapulting Elizabeth Warren with white collar workers

It’s now safe to say that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is rivaling Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for second place in the fight for the Democratic nomination. And her rise can be tied to her populist policy driven campaign. Interestingly, however, she isn’t winning over working-class voters. While polls do differ somewhat, Warren’s 15% to Sanders’…MORE

Pentagon disputes claim US drone violated Iranian airspace. This is why it matters

The US military is disputing Iran’s claims that the American drone shot down Thursday violated Iranian airspace and was engaged in “spying,” a key detail that could determine what comes next in the volatile situation playing out between Washington and Tehran. While Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps argues the drone “was over Iranian territory” when…MORE

UFOs are one conspiracy theory that Trump doesn’t buy

President Donald Trump, a noted conspiracy theorist, is skeptical of UFOs. But his Space Force could come in handy: Senators want answers about UFOs sighted by Navy pilots. By UFO, we mean unidentified flying object and not necessarily aliens. They’re probably not aliens, but the unidentified objects recorded by Navy pilots and written about twice…MORE

9/11 first responder enters hospice days after testifying to Congress

A retired NYPD bomb squad detective who testified before Congress last week about his 9/11-related medical issues said he is now entering end-of-life hospice care. “I’m now in hospice, because (there) is nothing else the doctors can do to fight the cancer,” Luis Alvarez wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday. Alvarez was one of…MORE

9th Circuit allows abortion clinic referral restrictions to take effect

A three-judge panel of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Trump administration on Thursday, temporarily allowing revised regulations to go into effect that prohibit taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from talking about abortion with patients or referring patients to abortion providers. The panel of three Republican-appointed judges in the San…MORE


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