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6-27-18  As you KNOW, I am an eating MACHINE. So when it comes to food, Big Ben definitely knows his stuff. What are the 15 BEST restaurants in Toledo right now? What are YOUR favorites? Check out the complete list for yourself here! GREAT GRUB


MAY 2018

5-14-18 Are you freaking KIDDING ME?? Is this guy NUTS?? I guess he REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to mow his lawn!! This is just insane!! SMOKING MOWER

5-8-18 It looks like Grizzly has been BUSY!! Wouldn’t be too good to come home to THIS!!! Bad Bear Burglarizes Mountain Bungalow


APRIL 2018

4-25-18 Who are the 20 hottest women In the world right now? You’re NOT gonna want to miss THIS list!!!! HOTTEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD

4-4-18 Beatles fans get ready!!! In recognition of the 50th anniversary of their animated film Yellow Submarine, the movie will be returning to theaters beginning July 8, brilliantly restored in 4K digital resolution. Will you go and watch the film again? Beatles are Back



1-30-18 This is SURE to melt the snow and ice of this brutal weather. Seriously what can be better than these stunning babes? BEACH BEAUTIES



12-18-17 Still looking for the perfect gift? Check out THIS list that any classic rock fan is sure to appreciate!!! CLASSIC ROCK CHRISTMAS



11-26-17 It’s time for the list of the top 25 SEXIEST music videos of all time!!! What do you think of THIS list? SEXIEST MUSIC VIDEOS

11-9-17 Police detain man hiding python in his pants… You have GOT to be kidding me. THE SNAKE



10-25-17 Well, Halloween is COMING!! What is YOUR favorite part of the holiday? I think you know what mine is… HOT HALLOWEEN

10-18-17 Do YOU agree with this list of the greatest bands from the 1980s? Personally I think it’s missing some HUGE ones in the top ten! BIG BANDS

10-12-17 These are the top ten HOTTEST news anchors in the world! And believe me they are something else! HOT NEWS

10-5-17 We need a little light hearted news this week. A state trooper and a cow that won’t MOOVE from the middle of the road. Works for me! SLOW MOOOVER



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